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We are Francesca's Flowers,
I'm Francesca, he's Steve and our Flower Club is bringing joy and connection through creativity 

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Escape with me come and Play 

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The perfect gift of creativity. Delivered to your friends and family Fresh Flowers, vase, Easy How To instructions, even tea and biscuits.

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There's Magic here....

I play in a world with beauty, joy and lots of magic and I want to share it with YOU!

Sometimes you need to feel make yourself feel better. Life happens, there’s work up and downs, family drama, kids being kids, husbands, partners, aging parents needing our help and energy, there’s ALWAYS laundry to be done.

What do you do for YOU?

Being creative releases endorphins in our brains. Connection with nature lowers our cortisol levels. Taking time to PLAY makes us feel good!

Learning a skill creates neural pathways in the brain keeping us engaged in life helping us live more fulfilling lives. You don’t have to become a Florist to learn the beautiful art form of floral design. Learn new skills to improve your wellbeing.

Get creative with me and play with flowers.

I’ll teach you the art of Floral Design. Explore with me the beautiful world of flowers, learning design techniques to create arrangements for all occasions, to help make your flowers last longer, make your hone beautiful and give yourself space to be creative.

It’s so Lucky you’re here! Breathe in deeply and take in the divine fragrance of the blooms.

Spark your creativity, connect with nature and sip tea and relax….

Join our Flower Club and each month a handpicked selection of flowers, foliage, floral materials (YES even the vases, wires, tapes) and loose-leaf tea will arrive at your door.

Everything YOU need to create YOUR OWN florist perfect design.


Receive joy in your world!

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Beautiful, long lasting flowers and a chance to learn how to arrange them, delivered to my door with a sweet treat and a lovely tea. How good is that?! Francesca is so thoughtful and generous with sharing her floral know how. When the flower club box arrives it brings with it a chance to carve out some time away from the hustle and bustle and it is immensely enjoyable. Considering I am not very artistic / creative, I am amazed by what I am able to achieve after watching Francesca and I have grown in confidence to make, undo, remake the arrangements which means the enjoyment extends even more.