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flower club workshops Oct 17, 2023
Francesca and Arabella enjoying opening Francesca's Flower Club box with a cup of tea.

Hello Hello, 

I fully appreciate I am over a decade late to the blogging game but better late than never! I finally have a new website which is so easy to start a blog so I thought why not. This is our 10th year of Francesca's Flowers and it has been so much fun creating this beautiful flower community. I am still working out how to share photos (feeling old in my tech abilities!) I thought I'd love to share with you what fun we have been having.  This month we have not only had our regular workshops creating beautiful bouquets, native arrangement, posies etc we have also recently had a beautiful farm visit to pick our own flowers at Curlew Ridge Farm, and a workshop collaboration with Samford Potters Collective making ceramic vases and flower arranging and then another collaboration with Farmgate Flowers learning how to buy and arrange Market flowers. All heaps of fun!! It really reinforced the need for creating this wonderful community and I am loving watching friendships form and shared time being enjoyed as we get creative together. 

I feel at this time of year suddenly everything speeds up. Only 10 weeks until Christmas seems not very far away. We are reminded by the Christmas decorations in stores that the end of the year is fast approaching. Despite all the rushing this month I encouraged our October Flower Clubbers to go Slowly. Take a deep breath, remind yourself 10 weeks is actually almost a whole quarter, roughly same amount of time from Christmas to Easter, which always seems so much slower.

If you have been hanging around for a while you know I love to look for the magic. I like to remind myself when everyone is rushing it is best to stop, relax and breathe, this is where the magic is. Even for a moment you can enjoy time for yourself. This month I am so proud of myself for taking a moment out of the busy and I stopped and spent some time sitting looking at the ocean, watching the whales!

I have really started to notice the need to refill my cup. I read an interesting article recently about how we all know women who were high achieving, who were busy, women who are stressed, women who are rushed, knowing women who are burnt out, we can all identify with knowing a woman like this, but do we know women who are calm, relaxed and unapologetically taking up space in the world just being content?  It’s certainly not many women I know! But this is what I aim to achieve, a life which feels calm, relaxed, content, fun and creative. This is what I strive to share with you all in our Flower Club and Workshops, so you too can find a calm and creative moment playing with flowers and enjoying a peaceful state of relaxation. Giving yourself time to let your nervous system relax. Even just thinking becoming aware of the thoughts of calmness and relaxation will help you.

This month I invite you to think about being calm and relaxed! 😉

When we are making and creating our minds become more still and it’s where magic happens, this is “active meditation”, we are calmer and more peaceful and joyful.  This joy keeps flowing through our daily lives.

So it's with these thoughts of calmness I create my first BLOG! with the hope and intent of sharing more magic, creativity and happiness with anyone who wants to join me. 

I hope to see you soon online in Flower Club or in person at a workshop. 

Take care, 

with love and light, 


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